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We’re Australia’s favourite long distance ridesharing app.

Our aim is simple – we want to make long distance transport more efficient. Our app is safe, easy to use and available to everyone with a smartphone.

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Have you ever driven from city to city and realised you have a car full of spare seats? Or have you tried to travel to a new city and realised it’s insanely expensive to get there!?

Now there’s a simple solution. Buckle Up.

Buckle Up is Australia’s most popular long-distance ride sharing app. If you’re traveling a long distance (say, roughly 100km or more) and you have spare seats in your car, now you can get paid to fill them. All you need to do is download our app (from the App Store or Google Play), sign up and list your seats at the price you choose. If you’re looking for a ride, it’s the same simple process but instead of hitting ‘Post a Ride’ just hit ‘Search’.


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Hit us up!! If you have a question, issue or idea, we’d love to hear it.

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